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"Who fights may lose, but who does not fight has lost already."


                  Bertolt Brecht 

Since I was little I loved to dance and sing, perform in front of my family. Every christmas we prepared a choreography with my sister, but I was the boss of course, I designed the costums. During high school I sang on school events at home and on the streets, but that was all, because I had a lot of other things to do. For example I was studying hard to get to law school (which I managed to do fortunately), and also I love sports, so I spent rest of my freetime running, skiing and doing outside gymnastics, I attended a dancing class as well. When I was 17 I applied for and got to TV talent show, where I met these wonderful and extra funny girls, and one of us made it to the live show, Anikó. Now I can call them my friends, my partners in crime and my team, The Easy Babies.